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  Tianjin Feiyue Brother Monitoring & Control Co., Ltd is located in Tianjin. Founded in 2009, our Company mainly engages in the design, manufacturing and sales of sensor, instruments and meters, and monitoring systems. Our products are widely used in the fields of water conservancy informatization, water quality monitoring, environmental monitoring, and farm irrigation, etc. We have set up offices and after-sale service network and developed channels of distribution throughout China.

Business scope:

Design, system integration and consulting of automatic environmental monitoring equipment which are widely used in monitoring  water quality and quantity, soil moisture content, green house environment, farm irrigation, etc.

  Tianjin Feiyue Brother Monitoring & Control Co., Ltd is also a professional agent, specialized engaged in selling advanced foreign monitoring instrument and providing foreign technical support to domestic customers. If you are interested in expanding your business in Chinese market, please contact us without hesitation, I’m sure we will be good partners.

Sales of domestic and foreign monitoring instruments on hydrology, water quality and environmental protection.

Products that interest us:

1. Products on water quality: sensors and instruments and meters monitoring turbidity, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, PH, conductivity, residual chlorine, COD, BOD, heavy metal, etc.;

2. Products on environmental protection: sensors and instruments and meters monitoring sulfur dioxide, oxynitride, total suspended particulates, carbon monoxide and dustfall, hydrogen compound, total oxidant, inhalable particle, nitrogen dioxide, fluoride, lead, etc.;

3. Products on water conservancy informatization: RTU, radar level meter, ultrasonic wave level meter, water flow rate meter, soil moisture sensor, river sand content meter, etc.;

4. Products on agricultural automation: automatic irrigation equipment, automatic fertilization equipment, temperature and moisture control equipment, animal husbandry,etc.


 Cooperation on the following aspects:

1. Equipment import

2. OEM

3. Consultation

4. After-sale service and maintenance

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